Learning Some Cool Stuff at School

It is not really what I came to school to learn, but I have been picking up some interesting stuff. The guys I am rooming with are comp sci students who are a couple of years older than me. I just lucked into the place. I was getting desperate thinking that I was going to end up stuck living in the dorms for another semester. At any rate this guy I asked sent me here. He came with me and brought an iPad which he was going to try to jailbreak iOS 8 on. I was waiting around to see if he was going to introduce me and I realized that these guys are totally strange. I did not really care at the time and it is not strange in the scary way. They are like the characters from a situation comedy it seems. I mean they are really over the top computer nerds.

I Found a Place to Sell My Cell Phone That Paid Top Dollar

I kept my old smartphone when I got a new one. I had no idea that it was actually worth some money. I found out when I asked someone if I should sell my cell phone or not. I had kept it in an armored case since I bought it brand new. I still had the box and all of the original paperwork. I reset the phone back to factory settings, and it looked brand new when I put it back in its original box. The screen and the housing were pristine. They did not have a scratch on them. It turns out that my particular smartphone was still in high demand.

I got a good amount of money for my old smartphone when I looked online.

Trying to Fix This Iphone

I found this iphone in my truck a week ago and realized that it belonged to this guy I know. He told me that he had already gotten another phone and this one was not working correctly either. At any rate I have been fooling with it for a couple of reasons, neither of which are all that important in the short term. I am going to try to downgrade iOS8 to an earlier operating system just because I want to see how it is done. I think that the operating system on the phone is corrupt based on reading stuff off of the internet and trying to figure it out is something I want to learn how to do.

Looking for a New Phone

I had a really cheap phone while I was at college. In fact it was worthless for the most part unless I was near a computer or a wi fi system that was free. In fact that was my whole plan. I did not have the money to pay twenty or thirty pounds a month on my mobile phone plan, so I was using wi fi and a Google talk program, which only requires a headset, a computer and access to the internet. I am going to get a cheap sim for your tablet or phone now though. I found a used phone from this girl I knew. She has a couple of old phones actually, in fact she is one of those people who always has her phone in her hands or at her ear and she is always on the bleeding edge of technology.

Advantages of Information Technology


What is Information Technology

Information technology is to be processed, the use and application of computer systems to manage and distribute information. The use of IT in this context involves both hardware and software components.

Some of the important benefits of Information Technology in various areas are listed below:

Speed ​​and accuracy in data processing

With the use of IT more work can be done by individuals, businesses, services and government organizations. Enhancement program functions such as word processing, database and spreadsheet programs can do the job in less time with greater accuracy and greater efficiency.

Global social interaction

It has a global social and cultural interactions that made ​​simple. This is evidenced by the emergence and success of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, the use of information technology has removed the language barrier with technology as a translator.


The introduction and use of high-tech gadgets and applications, such as iTunes, iPod and Ipone revolutionary. Download, buy, play and organize music, videos, movies and TV shows are super simple and accessible. Progress through the history of information technology dared to put the world in the palm of your hand with technology like the iPad and Amazon Kindle.


The impact of information technology on universal communication phenomenal. Telecommunications is the use of basic technology is lost. With the internet and technological advances such as VoIP (Voice over IP), organizations, businesses and individuals to communicate anytime from around the world via video and voice calls, web conferencing, virtual meetings and seminars.

economic progress

An important step towards the advancement of the global economy is the elimination of the barriers of distance and time resulting from the application of information technology in the purchase and sale of goods and services (e-commerce). E-commerce has emerged. Room for small businesses, small and large businesses Interconnection Players painless. Thousands, local national and international companies and businesses now have what is called a ‘web presence’ and can now reach a wider audience.


Education is more than the use of brick and mortal classrooms or traditional whiteboard lost. World now in the era of e-learning, using technology such as VLE (Virtual Learning Environments). Students can have access to all course materials and online resources; engaged in a virtual classroom in real time or asynchronously.


The use of IT has led to an overall improvement in quality, safety and efficiency in the health care system. The health sector is positively influenced by the use of electronic health records, technology, virtual care team, telemedicine, e-health grid and various health information systems specialist.

Information technology has a phenomenal change in all aspects of life brought. Have a positive impact globally and changes continue to grow exponentially. However, losses can not be ignored. A big threat is caused by a drastic reduction in IT security and privacy.